Received a claim from Collab?
Review our FAQ and Fair Use Guidelines

CollabDRM has an obligation to protect the rights of our content partners including hundreds of the top social media creators and many of the world's largest UGC libraries. If you believe your video mistakenly received a Collab copyright claim, please get in touch so that we can review the claim.

Common questions:
My video is fair use. Why did you claim it?

Does your use illustrate and support an original point? Is a reasonable amount used to get the point across? Is the connection clear between the point that is being made and the content being used? Is the use a replacement for viewing the whole original work? Is there significant transformation (ie criticism, poking fun, changing purpose or character of use)? These are the questions that are considered by Collab's rights management team prior to placing a copyright claim on behalf of one of our clients.

Is my channel in trouble? Do I have to take down my video?

No. Your video does not need to be taken down. However, you will not be able to continue earning revenue on the video after receiving a claim or multiple claims because the revenue will be redirected to the respective content owners.

I believe my video was claimed by mistake. How can I dispute the claim?

Dispute the claim using YouTube's dispute process. Every disputed claim will be reviewed by a member of our rights management team. Only dispute a claim if you're confident you have the rights to use all the content in your video.

Can I license content from CollabDRM?

Yes. Contact [email protected] if you’re interested in licensing content for use in your videos or becoming a CollabDRM syndication partner.